Sparky's Carburetor Service

Specializing in 1966-1970 Rochester Quadrajets


Specializing in 1966-1970 Rochester Quadrajets

OK! Now you have an A-1 rebuilt carb in your hands! What do you do next?

Reverse the process the way you took it off. Take your time too! I did when I rebuilt it! Please just don't 'SLAP' it on and head for the Drag Strip!

Upon return you will find a NEW base gasket and a new air cleaner gasket (along with some discarded old parts from the rebuild).


1. Is the fuel line on tight?
2. Are all the vacuum lines on?
3. Is the divorced choke (where applicable) connected with a clip?
4. Carb tightened down to 15 foot pounds in steps and a crossing pattern?


There are two ways to do this. I prefer to fill the bowl with about 1/4 cup of gas down the vent hole*. This will insure a fast start up. Take a small funnel or bulb syringe and pour/squirt the measured gas down the vent tube. REPLACE the air cleaner. DO NOT attemp to start the car without the air cleaner on. It may backfire for any number of reasons. RARE, but even so, better to be safe! Pump accelerator 3 times and count to 10. Crank engine, car should start right away. If not, pump accelerator again twice, count to 5 and crank again. The engine should start now.

The engine MAY sputter for 5-15 seconds until all the air-bubbles work out and everything seats. Just keep working the foot feed as needed so the engine does not stop. The engine should settle down in about 30 seconds and let it on high idle as it warms up.

Now, look under the hood and check to see there is no gas dripping out of the fuel or inlet fitting. If there is gas dripping (may only be small drop every second or two), shut the engine off and tighten the appropriate fitting. My guess is it will be the fuel line flared fitting that is loose. We tighten the fuel inlet for you that and should NOT leak. However, you may have inadvertantly loosened it when tightening the fuel line fitting. It's easy to do, don't sweat it. Just remember, POT METAL! Don't do a Rambo on it! If you THINK it's tight/snugg, it probably is! DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE pour gas down the choke or rear air horns. This is NOT the way to start a car!

The other way to start a car with a fresh empty bowl is to basically just crank away while pumping the foot feed occasionally for no longer than 20 seconds to prevent overheating your starter. If the engine does not start, wait 2 minutes and retry.


I say this NOT to scare you, but to keep safety in mind. I even do it! These are mechanical devices and sometimes things can go wrong. All it takes is a teeny-tiny piece of debris to get by the inlet filter to hang up the needle on the seat. This can cause gas to overflow out of the top of the carb.

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