Sparky's Carburetor Service

Specializing in 1966-1978 Rochester Quadrajets, AFB, 4GC, and Tri-Power Carbs

Here's a sample of completed rebuilds!*

*Please note: Work shown varies as to customer request. Some customers just request dye/tinting while others ask for full OEM Zinc-Chromate Plating. Further, some carbs are simply cleaned in the Ultrasonic Cleaner and left as is, if the original plating is sufficient. The bottom line is, you get what you want. I just like to show a diversity of products I offer. Charges can vary greatlty depending on condition of the core and customer expectation or application.

These are all by and large COSMETIC variables. ALL carbs are gone through completely as to actual running and performance regardless of looks. In essence, all carbs are CUSTOM rebuilt to the customers specifications.

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