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My 1970 Toronado GT was running terrible before Greg's carb. rebuild. It was flooding, low on power and had poor gas mileage.

I have the luxury of living within 80 miles of Greg, so he was able to install the wonderfully rebuilt carb. It took very little adjustment, so I would not have been too hesitant to slap on the carb. myself.

Now the car runs smoother than ever, has gobs of front-tire burning power and it gets much better gas mileage. Simply put, a joy to drive!

I highly recommend Greg's excellent work.

A very happy customer--

Ted Edin, Jr.

"Sparky did an excellent job rebuliding my carb. It was very messed up by someone else who tried to fix it in the past, but Sparky has that thing running A-1! It's perfect. Thanks again Sparky."

Rob Fetherston

Sparky is truly a wizard with Q-Jets. Ever since first purchasing my '67 Toro 5 years ago, I had carb problems - wouldn't idle smoothly, hard starting when hot, no acceleraton, etc. Sparky diagnosed it all, and provided us with great information allowing us to rebuild it ourselves and is still top notch years later!!! Should have just sent it to him in the first place.

Thanks, Sparky - you're the best!

Gregg and Mary Ludlam - Long Beach, NC
'67 Toronado Deluxe/'72 Cutlass S

Greg has to be the world's foremost authority on the 66/67 Toronado. It's the only car he drives, and has owned many others previous to his current fleet of 3.

Luckily, I live close to Milwaukee and have an opportunity to visit when Sparky has one of his "shop days" My 66 had been running very sluggish for a number of years and I began to fear there was something wrong with my transmission. I had the carburetor re-built the previous year by a reputable shop, but the power was still lacking. After about 15 minutes of adjustments by Sparky, the car was laying rubber in the funeral home parking lot. It had all the pep and power (mabey more) that was there when grandpa bought the car new in 66.

If you own a first generation Toro, and are not getting "throw you back in your seat" type performance, believe me, it's in there. Greg can tune a engine like it was a fine instrument.

I drove in with a dog, and drove home in a thoroughbred, big grin on my face the whole way.

Brian Eklow

I am glad to see that Sparky, a man that already wears several hats to go along with his many talents, has found yet another way to keep himself occupied. Having met the guy and being lucky enough to get the chance to visit him on his home turf, I honestly don't know where he found the time to put on a new hat and open up a soon to be thriving carb rebuild business. I mean shoot, there are only 24 hours in a day. But I know that when the man gets into something he does it with a rare enthusiasm and makes time.

During the great TERT deployment last December I got to meet Sparky. He and Mike Frederick helped me put the Great White back together again and I actually talked Sparky into rebuilding a carb from a 67 for me (didn't have to twist his arm too hard). The original 66 carb was pretty goobered up and basically just good for parts (be looking for it in the mail Sparkman). When we finally got Humpty Dumpty back together again I let Sparky and Mike take the car, with fresh carb, on it's virgin runs. WOW! The car hadn't run that great since the 70s I'm sure.

Considering the fact that his new business wasn't even a twinkle in his eye at the time, I guess I got a freebie. However, if or when I ever need a rebuild I won't hesitate to send that carb to Cheeseland. The man knows his stuff and I can testify to his detailing enthusiasim and perfectionism. As can anyone else that has ever seen the polished and painted bolts on the underside of the final drive on the Sparkmobile.

If you have tried everything else to get your dog to run like a bull, try sending your carb to Sparky. You will be very happy with what you get in return.

John Cain
The Great White 66 Toro

Can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the the carbs you've done for me. My '69 442 and my '66 Toro are running like never before. In addition to the wonderful function, these carbs are also beautiful and look great atop my detailed engines.

In a business--old car restoration--rife with frauds and charlatans, it's a real pleasure to get more than one expects. That's just what I've gotten in all my dealings with you. You're the best!

Peter Sliskovich
Coupeking Restorations
Wilmington, CA

From junk to jewel. We sent Greg our 67 carburetor from a boneyard in California, and Greg turned it into a masterpiece. It was almost too pretty to put on the car! The carb was so well rebuilt that it only needed a tweak here and there right out of the box Greg had sent it to us in. Needless to say, the guy who put it on for us was amazed! We were thrilled at how the car ran afterwards. Greg gave us wonderfull service, and has always been there to answer any questions we cared to ask. He kept us informed throughout the rebuilding process, not to mention the detailed CD rom he sent with the carb. Even more impressive, is that on top of the carb coming from where it did, Greg was able to perfectly rebush it for us, and that isn,t easy! We are truely thankful to have Greg's talents and consideration available!

Scott and Linda Landsman
66 Toro, FL

When this big white Toro showed up at the shop, it was gurgling and had no power, typical of a Quadrajet in need of some attention.

I am very familiar with these carbs so a rebuild was not going to be a problem. That is until we got a close look at it!....It turned out to be a typical cheap rebuilder carb, put on a few years earlier. There was a great amount of slop in the linkage and some parts were missing.

Overall this thing was JUNK. I decided to see if i could find a little info on the web, maybe a kit to do the throttle bushings myself. One quick search turned up a shop that SPECIALIZED in 66 Toros...This was too good to be true, so I had to check it out. What I found was even more than I was looking for....a true expert in just what I had. We contacted Sparky and mailed the carb to wasn't even good for parts, it was corroded so badly. Sparky found us a core, built it into a beautiful unit, and had it back to us in a couple of weeks. We screwed it on, and after a little fine tuning, it sounded better than an old car has a right to. Thanks Sparky...for a great job, and for being a savior of old cars....We need more guys like you around!

Tim Powell:Head Technician
Jones Automotive,Inc.
Port Arthur,TX
ASE Master Tech
ASE Master Engine Machinist
ASE Parts specialist


When I first recieved my 66 Toronado from California I noticed it was idling very rough. After some web surfing I came across the site with Sparky's mention on it.

From the outset I found Sparky's notes about de-installing and shipping the carb to be very helpful. He then followed up with many emails to keep me apprised of the progress of the rebuild as well as to provide additional advice (which I needed and was glad to get).

I must say that Sparky leverages the full value of the Internet by providing digital photos of the process (as well as photos of your own carb if desired) and many emails to keep me informed.

From beginning to end, I found Sparky's service exceeded my expectations. I just wish all aspects of the my restoration of my 66 Toronado were as easy, fairly priced and of the same standard of quality as I received from Sparky.

Thad Dupper
Chester, NJ

"I found the level of service and support from Sparkys' Carburetor Service to be second to none. He turned my carb around in 3 days, and it fired right up and ran perfectly with about 3 minutes worth of tweaking. I also like the fact that digital pictures and an honest appraisal are provided without asking. Sparky knows how to treat his customers. That is what differentiates him from everyone else. This level of customer service is a standard which all others should be judged!"

Paul Tumolo (1970 442)


I was referred to Sparky by an Olds owner who frequented the Riviera Owners e-group. After talking to Sparky on the phone, I was convinced he was the guy for my Qjet rebuild. He was the only one I talked to out of several shops that made me feel like he took a personal interest in MY carb. I sent him 2 carbs, one a Stage-1 that I acquired with my '71 Boattail Riviera. He enthusiastically took a dilapidated, botched-up rebuild and brought that Stage-1 back to life. While I continued with the rebuild of my 455, Sparky kept me posted on his progress. A short time later, I had a 'special' Quadrajet, all the old parts and the other carb as a stand-by, and a complete step-by-step DC Rom of the rebuild. So, while others will agree that Sparky is an artist with Rochester carburetors et al, I would like to add that he's one of those rare people who really cares about results. He's the kind of guy who not only spends that extra time getting it right, but will not let up until he knows the outcome of his work. He was there for me when I had some follow-up concerns, and helped me sort out some unrelated engine issues after first start-up. Give this man your business. He's truly old school people, and they don't come easy!

Joel Hile ROA #7399 1971 Buick Riviera

April 17, 2001

In early March 2001, I contacted you regarding the need for a carburetor rebuild for my '66 one-owner, 12 years neglected in a garage, Ebony/Ebony Toronado Deluxe. Shortly thereafter, we were engaged in Toro talk on the phone and a few days later my Rochester Quadrajet was in the mail to Wisconsin.

Upon receipt in Wisconsin, the communications with you were frequent, informatively educational and very helpful. I'm convinced that I'd never be able to get this kind of service from any local shop. The updates, which included progress report pictures, helped me understand the idiosyncrasies of this particular carburetor. The updates also helped me appreciate the workmanship that was being put into the job and just how much you love these cars.

The best part was (a few weeks later) when the carb was shipped to back to my mechanic and the "consultation" that you provided him. A real special service that I think he'll remember for a long time. Once installed and adjusted, it was like driving a new car. I thought it was 1966 all over again! The car runs beautifully and the acceleration is incredible. Oh, and the carburetor is beautiful. I never thought I'd be talking about a carburetor this way, but this is exactly how I feel. It really looks great!

Thanks for being available to "Toroids" around the globe. Your work is special (and highly recommended)!

Mike Marshall
Long Beach, California
'67 Toronado Deluxe
'66 Toronado Deluxe


I sent two carbs to the sparkman, off of my 66 toronado and my 71 442. Both cars that had frame offs and where lacking the power and dependability. What I got back where factory looking, performing as well as quick starting. SUPER products. Don't try saving any money by trying this yourself, for the price he charges you can not go wrong. Thank you for all you have done even with the horror of Sept 11,god bless!
M. Jamieson


Sparky, It must've been in the stars is all I can say. Who would've guessed that the night before we met over a 66 Toronado and the prettiest rebuilt carb there could be, meteor showers would be zipping over the New York City skyline!!

I just arrived back from a four-day driving marathon in the Toro- over 600 miles total- and the car and your beautiful carb ran flawlessly. I even showed off a couple of times by smoking'em for the gawkers.

I pushed the pedal quite a few times on the turnpike too, topping one-hundred with ease -- almost too easily in fact. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product. And, I am especially lucky you were able to make the trip to Brooklyn and give the car your magic touch. You know, I knew things were going to turn out great when I caught you doing a little jig after we fired up the engine together.

Next time you come this way call ahead. Likewise, if I make the trip out your way next summer. Glad you had a great time in the City!

Rich Cattafesta

Sparky Insert- (RARE)

I had one of THE most fun times in my life working on and driving Rich's '66 Toronado from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Why he threw me the keys to this MAGNIFICENT machine for me to drive, I'll never know. This also being, Neil Bonnet's original Toro, I was especially enamored! Not only a FINE example of the marque, it also has a vicarious link to NASCAR. God rest Neil Bonnet's soul. Rich's '66 Toro is as close as we mere mortals can come to something owned and driven by a racing legend.

It was a privilege and an honor work on and drive this historical automobile from numerous perspectives.

Rich afforded me ALL the New York graces and hospitalities as ONLY a New Yorker can. I truly am humbled when meeting and making new long lasting acquaintances along the caliber of folks like Rich.

I live for customers and Toronado enthusiasts such as this!


Sparky is god's gift to Toro owners everywhere. Did he do an unbelievable job at rebuilding my carburetor? Hell yes. My '67 Toro came equipped with a recently purchased Tomco rebuilt carb. That thing was a piece of crap and deemed un-rebuildable by the Sparkster. So, first he helped me find the ever elusive '67 Toro carb core as well as the choke coil assembly.

Let me tell you about this core I had sent to him, it looked like it spent the last twenty years sitting on top of a smoke stack. When it came back to me, it was beautiful. It almost seemed a shame to put the carb on the car and cover it up. And once installed, the Sparky rebuilt carb my car from a rough idling, sputtering and backfiring embarrassment, into a fire breathing monster.

The only person that cares as much about your Toronado as you, is Sparky. I couldn't be happier with the job he did, and I feel privileged to have a Sparky rebuilt carburetor.

Aaron Chepenik


"Sparky" just a note to let you know that I really appreciate the work you did on the carb. for my 66 Toro. I had several people work on it and I think they made it worse every time. When they didn't know how to fix it they told me I had other problems, too much pressure in the fuel pump, which I changed and it didn't help anything but take more money out of my pocket! Anyway thanks again for fixing it. It looks great and starts with ease and no more flooding. And also thanks to Chuck Noppe for refering you to me. Hope to see you at some of the shows this year!

p.s. It's nice to have someone work on it that knows what their doing!
Sincerely, Tim Granger


When I contacted Sparky about rebuilding a Rochester that was older than the carbs he specializes in, he accepted the challenge. These carbs have a reputation for being bears to work on and I'd been frustrated trying to fix it myself. Our e-mail communication through the process and Sparky's unrelenting persuit to get the carb back to specs, were excellent. He discovered the biggest problem with the carb was that it had holes in the primary floats. The sunken float would not allow the needle and seat to shut off the fuel and therefore a leaking problem. I highly recommend him and I'm quite picky about who works on the antique Olds! Shipping was great and when I bolted the carb on and completed the prep work, the car started right up with no leaks! Enormous joy!

PETE MORSE (1954 Super 88 V-8 324 with a 4GC Carb)


Here's a note to let you know how pleased I am with your work on the Rochester carburetor I bought from you for my '71 Corvette LS5 (454 Not only did you help me with having the correct carburetor in your stock, but it had the correct build date to go with my car. Your emailing me of the "before" pictures and our telephone conversations gave me the assurances that you were the right guy for the job. And your emailing me the "after" pictures told me things turned out just like you said.

When I got the carburetor, it looked great. Installation was per your directions and the car started right up, with no leaks. Once we got the car tuned and sorted out a bad plug and replaced it, the car moves like a Corvette should.

Thanks, again, for your professionalism and continuing customer support. I'd recommend you to anyone needing work on a Rochester Quadrajet.

Dennis Brown
Mammoth Lakes, CA


Just wanted to Thank You again for the great job you did on the Carb. for my '72 Hurst/Olds, especially the exceptional service. As I think you will attest to, (after our little test drive) it runs out really well, about the best this car has ever run for me, and I'd have to say that the carburetor was the missing link in getting this car to run to it's potential. Again, Thanks!
John Kreitzer


Greg came highly recommended, and he lived up to those expectations without a hitch. The job was completed in the agreed upon time frame, and I was always kept up to date on the progress.

The finished product looks & performs GREAT, It's like a different car. Me and my Toro thank you, the Cutlass is next !.

Eric McTague
72 Toro & 84 Cutlass

Feb 1, 2003

HI Sparky, Just a short note to you about the carb. that i had you rebuild for my '67 TORONADO DLX. . i bolted it down on the intake , hooked up all the linkage and fuel line, double checked all that i had done , turned the key over and after fuel reached the float bowl it started right up and everything worked as it should, even the thermostatic choke worked great !! After the car thoroughly warmed up and i drove it a few miles I made a VERY SLIGHT adjustment to the mixture screws and it runs OH so beautifully !! I must also say THANKS for the work of art that you performed on that old carb. It looks absolutely like its ready for the national meet !!! I did not know it would look so great! I really had my doubts about that old carb. I failed to mention to you that the car had sat for almost 17 years with very seldom being driven. I was sure i was ready for one of those 'mass produced' rebuilds that i have had on other cars in previous years, one time in particular changing it out 5 (yes five) times before i could get one that could be adjusted to even run out halfway.It is people like you that are a joy to come in contact with when one is trying to restore their own automobile! THANKS FOR THE GREAT SERVICE, PROGRESS UPDATES, PHOTO'S AND VERY TIMELY TURN AROUND TIME . I would recommend you to others in the field without any delay. THANKS A MILLION !!
Terry B. Cox

May 1, 2003

Nov 1, 2003

To Greg Sparky,

I want all Olds fans and GM old car collectors to know that Gregg is a pure Olds Gear head and a total perfectionist with tuning and rebuilding Rochester Carburetors!

My 1966 Toro Deluxe was running marginally. I remembered the days when I took my mom's 67 Delta 88 out after I completed a basic tune up. That Olds 67 425 rocked! And I knew that my 66 Toro 425 should play the same Old-ROCK and Roll! After numerous phone calls for six months, I finally got a call back from Sparky. I asked if he could find some time to tune this Toro in and check out my carb?

Greg agreed to work on my Toro on Saturday, maybe because I was a fellow Marquette Alum…? After about 1 hour 30 minutes, he found the vacuum leak that a Sr. mechanic could not find, and he dialed the carb in. Our first test drive and my old Toro 425 is laying rubber! Sparky also gave me many tips on fixing other minor problems with my Toro.

Sparky showed me his LABORATORY, where he rebuilds the Rochester Carburetors. His Rochester Rebuilds are beyond words - perfect. Actually, Greg's carburetors are rebuilt to higher tolerances than original, so expect at least 20% advance in performance compared to average Rochester carbs, even if they where new. The movement on the linkage and pump is like a fine tuned musical instrument. I found out, Sparky learned to rebuild player pianos while working for his father over the years. Obviously. this type of training carries over into Sparky's Carb rebuild service. I really don't know how he does it, but His carb is worth double compared to what he charges and what you get in the end:- A master piece Rochester Carburetor.

This carb will make your old GM run far better and it looks like new, as an added bonus! I highly recommend Gregg's Carburetor service! You cannot go wrong with his rebuilt Rochester, it is far better than new and a real value that will add Both performance and value to your old GM. Thanks to Greg, my Old Toro really Rocks, just as I had remembered the old days!

Thanks Again Greg,

Rick Loschetter, Sr. Computer Engineer

PS: If you are near Milwaukee, try to schedule a tune up if you have a trouble getting performance out of your Olds. Besides all else, Greg is a really nice guy and is the Rochester Scientist!

March 1, 2004

Sparky’s so far rebuilt 2 carburetors for me. The results in both cases are simply amazing. One could like Sparky’s work for a number of reasons: the beautiful plating / finishing on all the visible surfaces, the attention to detail, the fact that the carburetors are pre-dialed in such that little adjustment is needed once on the car, or the fact that he communicates constantly on the status of the work and is pretty fast given the quality of work performed. For one of the carburetors, I bolted it on and couldn’t find anything to adjust! Idle speed was perfect, mixture was perfect, choke was perfect, and fast idle was perfect. This is a car I first drove when I was a kid… I KNOW it never ran that well, even when new. On the second carb, I did adjust the idle speeds, but it’s just amazing to me how he gets the carburetor so close without it being on the engine. No, I think the main reason I like Sparky’s work is that I now have to watch that I don’t burn a tire when pulling away from the stoplight. My 1967 Cadillac Eldorado (front-wheel drive!) will now burn rubber at will from a standing start; that’s something I wouldn’t have believed possible from such a heavy car from just doing a carburetor rebuild.

Darwin Falk

June 1st, 2004


Thanks so much for the great carb rebuild for my 1969 442 convertible. You're service is second to none. The car started right up and only a slight adjustment to the idle was needed to make it perfect. It now has the performance that a 442 should have. Along with the performance your attention to detail and quality of work is outstanding. You gave me an honest estimate and the turn around time was great. Everyone should have the same work ethic as you. I will definetly recommend you to my Olds friends.

Christopher Kenney
Canton, OH
1969 Olds 442 Convertible

March 5, 2006

Hello Sparky! Today, I picked up the carb at the customs office! It arrived here very well - you sure did a much better job packing it than I did ;-)

The carb looks absolutely stunning, to say the least. I´m very, very excited - looks like a brand new unit just off the shelf! I really wonder how you did that. I´m sure my friend will not be able to believe that this actually is the same carb we took out of his car a couple of weeks ago...

We will install the carb next weekend, I guess. Then we´ll find out if it works as well as it looks, which I have no doubt about. I´ll keep you up to date.

Even though you marked the package as "warranty", which was a brilliant move, I had to go through customs with it, as I did not have proof that I had actually sent this unit to you as a warranty claim. However, I was lucky as I cheated about the actual value of the carb, and they did not find your bill inside the package (I only opened it a little bit so they could see there´s no nuclear weapon inside, just a carb). I told them it´s worth 150 bucks, which they believed. So with 50 dollars of custom fee and taxes, I got away fairly decently.

Sparky, the service and craftsmanship you provided was outstanding and excellent, which I will tell anyone else who´s in need for a carb repair. I hope I´ll be able to do business with you again! BTW: I did not forget about the favour I owe you concerning the Kalkhoff name. I´ll get into that as soon as I find some spare time!

At this point, let me thank you again for all you´ve done and the way you´ve done it. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Best regards, Wolfgang
Wieseth, Germany


I installed it and it's working fine now....

Before, without the proper choke coil, it was hard to keep running after I first started it... I'd have to keep 'feathering' the accel pedal...

Now, it seems to start up and arrive at a nice idle and them come down a little after it gets warmer.. The new carb is so much smoother now through the whole acceleration band, truly a world of difference..

Thanks again!! Jeff

Sparky -

The carb arrived yesterday, and it works great! The motor idles and accelerates perfectly. I never realized what a racecar my Riv was. Tomorrow I'll test the choke. Here are some pics of my babies. The first pic is my daily drivers: a 68 Eldorado with 49K miles which I got on Ebay last year, and a 63 Riviera with 79K miles (and a fine 4GC carb). Hidden in back is my 60 Fleetwood 60S with 42K miles. Next 4 pics are my 61 LeSabre convertible - I keep it in a showroom downtown. Next is an earlier pic of the Fleetwood - it has a Carter AFB that needs a rebuild - interested? The last 3 pics are the 66 Toronado with the QJet you rebuilt a couple years ago. I sold it last year due to a huge underbody rust problem. These are all great cars. Thanks for the good work! - Andy

Hi sparky, It looks GREAT !!! I can't believe how proffessional it looks! IT is truely a labor of love to take something as messed up as that old carb. and transform it into what was returned to me today. IT LOOKS LIKE BETTER THAN A NEW ONE ! i'm planning on putting it on in the morn. (weds) and will e-mail you back in the day on how it performs.. AGAIN, GREAT JOB ! I'M really impressed

Sparky, the carb. runs great. it really performs good, the 4bbl. opens up like no other car i've owned!!! I believe i still have most , if not all, of my 385 horses in the stable still.... THanks for a job well done and that looks great to boot !!!TERRY

Sparky, As you promised, I received my restored carb from you today. The cosmetic appearance is absolutely incredible. It looks better than new! I took about a hour to removed the interim carb and bolt this masterpiece on my 442. The car fired right up and settled down to a nice idle. In fact my vacuum is about 2hg higher at idle which is contributing to a better running engine. I then took the car out for a test drive. Very crisp throttle response and a seamless transition from the secondaries when you floor it, (watch out, those tires break loose!). Sparky, I applaud your business ethics and would highly recommend your services to anyone. Yes, you are a few dollars higher than some, but the investment in your services is worth much more! A GREAT job!

Thanks again, Steve Corey
1972 Olds 442


WOW! I got my carb back yesterday and I am completely taken aback by the level of detail you went to on my rebuild. The pictures you sent previously do not do justice to the carb. I will reinstall the carb this weekend (so that I might take my time) and let you know how it runs. I am going to follow your reinstallation instructions from your web site to the letter. If you want I will send you pictures of the finished project. Once again I want to thank you for your time and professionalism.

244th Avn, Ft. Carson, CO
Contractor (LMR, Inc.)


Sparky's work is just amazing. He keeps getting better and better. Your before and after engine compartment is stunning... what a transformation. (welcome to the ROA).

Darwin Falk 1966-70 ROA Technical Advisor ROA #2077

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