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Specializing in 1966-1978 Rochester Quadrajets

REMOVING YOUR CARB: Detailed instructions

First I will assume you can take the linkage, choke coil, and vacuum lines off. PLEASE remember what you un-did to redo when you get your carb back. WRITE IT DOWN, draw diagrams, take pictures, I don't care! I can't be there to help you in person to put it back on. But, you can call/e-mail me if you need help. No problem.


A flare wrench and a LARGE open end wrench. Typically a 5/8" flare and a 1" open end.


NOTE! There is usually a vacuum port (nipple) sticking out of the carb which will deny you access with the 1" wrench around the inlet fitting. No problem! With a pliers 'gently' grab the nipple and pull while turning back and forth. NO NOT USE EXCESSIVE grabbing pressure as this will collapse or flatten (egg shape) the nipple. It should pop right out. Tap it back in before you ship to me. It's only a force fit. You will have to remove it again when you put the fuel line back on the fuel inlet.


The key here is to crack the fuel line loose without moving the inlet fitting or as little as possible. I want that for myself to take out if possible. This is your basic jamb nut situation. HOLD the inlet fitting in place with CLOCKWISE force/pressure as you loosen the fuel line with COUNTER-CLOCKWISE force. Use equal pressure as you crank. These can be a bear if it hasn't been off in a while. It may take some force. If you have both wrenches on properly, all you might get is a skinned knuckle when it breaks loose.

See graphic. Removing Fuel line

After you get the fuel line off, you can unmount the carb (4 big machine screws at the corners). The carb will pop off in your hands. (be carefull of gas in the bowl for spilage)

That's it! Empty the gas out of the bowl (turn upside down and all around). Package it up see packaging instructions and ship it off to me.

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