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John and Jane Giliberti's 1966 Olds Toronado


To make a LONG story short, I met John and Jane Giliberti the at Olds Club of Wisconsin's Renner Oldsmobile show several years ago. We became very FAST buddies and have covered a LOT of ground together and have never looked back. I could tell you hundreds of stories, but better I leave that up to them if you should ever have the good fortune of meeting the Giliberti's at a car show. They are GREAT folks, even if they didn't have a Olds Toro!

Upon meeting the Giliberti Toro, it was very evident that they had already put a LOT of time, money, and effort into bringing her back to her old glory. It had nice fresh paint, a BEAUTIFUL new interior, and of course, a Sparky Carb rebuild. However, the underhood and engine needed some attention. I was made an offer I could not refuse to make it all better, plus since they are such good folks, I gladly took on the project. Since they live only 30 miles from me, it was a no brainer to effect all the repairs and do an engine compartment resto.

We started tearing down last September/October and I then did all of the parts restoration over the winter. Within the last month or so, we put humpty dumpty back together again. As of a few weeks ago, we finally got it running and did some other repairs (drain tubes, hood insulation pad, etc etc.)

As you can see, the transformation was quite magnificent! We still aren't QUITE done yet, as the A/C compressor still needs to be rebuild and installed, Comfortron issues and a few more items to detail/clean up. But all and all, she is 96% good to go!!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and better yet, get a chance to meet the Giliberti's and see their '66 Toro!

Very Best Regards,

The Car!


Our Quest!!

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Getting Started-----PULL THE PARTS OFF!!

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Back at the Shop - Parts Restoration

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Apply The Paint!

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