Sparky's Carburetor Service

Specializing in 1966-1978 Rochester Quadrajets


While your carb is off to Sparky's Carbs, now is the perfect time to do the things you always wanted or need to do.

First off, clean the base plate on the intake manifold off. Stuff a few rags in those MONSTER intake holes and use a putty knife or Red Devil to get all the crusty gasket peices off. Don't nick the metal, just get a clean surface. Solvents work too.

When you are done, pull the rags out. Try and keep debris from falling down the intake. No big deal if it does because you are now going to take your shop vac and suck out the intake anyway.

Then stuff the ports with rags and wait until the carb arrives. DO NOT DROP anything metal (like nuts, bolts, clips) down the intake manifold while the carb is off. Not a good thing.

NEXT: Replace/inspect the vacuum lines as well as you can. Take a sample to your local parts place. It's all available. This would include a new PCV hose, brake booster hose, etc etc.

DETAIL! NOW you can paint that darned intake while the carb is off and all the vacuum lines are out of the way! GO NUTS!

If you have a rubber interrupted fuel line, replace it with a complete steel line. You can order one from Inline Tube!

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