Along with HIGH quality and meticulous zinc-chromate plating of your carburetor and related parts, I also offer zinc, BRIGHT zinc plating, and Parkerizing for folks who either just want to spruce up the engine compartment or to those who are doing partial or complete FRAME-OFF restorations.

From the smallest nut/bolt/washer and assorted fasteners to brake booster covers or hubs, I can do it! For those extra meticulous rebuilding projects, I offer TRUE Parkerizing for those special bolts/washers etc etc for ULTRA OEM restorations. If there are blackened parts on your car, they were PARKERIZED at the factory, not oxided. This is a true manganese phosphate process and the REAL DEAL!

The following are parts pictures of a FRAME off restoration on a 1967 Toronado. This is an EXTREMELY aggressive project which is near completion. The customer is a highly knowledgeble car enthusiast and a head judge, so it was imparative the job was done prefectly, which it was!

Please note: ALL the parts pictured are THE ORIGINAL parts off a 1967 Toronado!!! Ergo, in some instances, you may see pitting, flaws, and inherent wear on certain parts. Many of these parts are made of unobtainium, so we had to go with what we had. But all in all, the results were quite stellar!

I can do for you too, what you see here......no job too big or too small!

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OEM Holley Tri-Carb (1967 Corvette) Plating Display

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A Recent Multiple Rochester Tri- Carb Batch Run

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Completed 3x2 Plateing Job for Dick Boneske Restorations

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Sparky's Carbs also does plating for Competitors, Repair Shops, and the car owner who can rebuild his/her own carburetor, but would like it plated. These are a set of Rochester Tri-Powers I just completed for Carbs Unlimited


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