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Rob Fetherston's 1966 Olds Toronado


These are recent pics (10/8/05) of a buddy of mine who lives locally and was able to work on his car last week. This is a VERY fine example of a black 1966 Toronado that is heavily optioned.

I rebuilt his carburetor, painted his engine bay and valve covers. We also replaced the valve seals and installed new rockers, stands, and pivots while we had the covers off. We threw in a brand new radiator, battery tray, and hood insulation pad as well. We have a few more things to do, but we can finish it up over winter or early spring before the 2006 Car Show Season. For now enjoy the pictures. I'll be starting another complete underhood detailing of John and Jane Gilibertti's Red '66 Toronado next next week, so watch for those pictures as well.

Freshly painted valve covers baking in the warm fall sun.

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Engine work in various states of completion

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OEM Carb rebuild with zinc chromate plating

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Carb and engine pictures before the operation.

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