Sparky's Carburetor Service

Specializing in 1966-1979 Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors


All shipping methods are accepted: USPS, FedX, DHL, or UPS is fine. Please make sure that all gas has been dumped from carb bowl (just tip upside down and all around). Package carb VERY VERY well! I suggest double boxing with PLENTY of wadded paper, bubble wrap, or suitable protectant. Peanuts alone do not to work all all! THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! Shipping claims are extremely rare when packaged properly. I advise insuring the carb for it's replacement cost to you. We insure the carb for the appropriate value on return shipping.

Contact me via E-Mail Greg "Sparky" Kalkhoff or phone for shipping address: 1-414-447-7500 for more information.


1. Your name, address, phone number, and email address.
2. What year and model of the car the carb is off of (ie 1969 Toronado, 1970 442, 1971 Stage 1 Riviera, etc.)
3. Any special rebuilding considerations (performance cam or other non original applications.
4. A nice description of what problems the carburetor was giving you.
5. Our price quotes are pretty accurate, but may vary depending on condition of carb or extra services requested/required. You will NEVER be charged more than our final quote. Typically, the final quote is after we have the carb apart and assessed. NO work will be done unless given final approval by you.

Carb removal Tips!!!!

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