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Specializing in 1966-1978 Rochester Quadrajets for Your Oldsmobile Toronado or GM Model Classic

Sparky's 1966 Olds Toronado


These are recent pics (6/18/05) of my show car at recent local car show and at our Fond du Lac shop/facility. I rebuilt MY carb about 2 months ago and have driven my car about 500 since. The car/carb runs FLAWLESSLY as do my customers. Even "I" was amazed of my own work when I simply did a "bolt on and GO!" Enjoy!


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Sparky's Carb! Your's too can look and perform like mine!

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OEM/Show Plating of the Master Cylinder Cover and Alternator. I can do this for YOU too!

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My Dad's 1967 Olds Toronado with 19,472 ORIGINAL miles and 99% ORIGINAL!!!

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