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1966 Oldsmobile Triple Two Barrel Carbs


This was one of our most aggressive projects to date. These carbs (4 of them) came to me in a big box with all kinds of dissociated parts. The carbs were not tagged or numbered, so we had NO way of knowing what these carbs came off of originally. This was a multi-repeat customer, so we took on the job as a gesture of good will, experimentation, and the excitement of it all.

Through LOTS of research, we determined that the middle carb was off a Pontiac and the spare orphaned middle carb was indeed an OLDS carb. After we were sure what we had, we went to town. Although the carbs were basically in good shape, they were terribly neglected and ALL jets etc etc were totally incorrect. We scoured the obsolete GM parts lists and managed to find ALL the parts that were missing OEM/NOS, as in Geniune GM Parts!!!! However, the fuel rail and throttle linkage were purchased aftermarket through several jobbers, but very correct other than not being OEM/NOS.

This was one of the first projects that we used our new commercial Zinc-Chromate plater and Ultrasonic Cleaner on. We were just coming out of beta testing and this was our first customer finshed presentation. All and all, they came out VERY nice and set the standard (solution strength, plating current, and drying methods) for all carbs done since.

The customer shipped us a spare intake so we could actually dry fit the carbs and install the fuel rail and throttle linkages. This saved the customer countless hours as when the carbs arrived ON the intake, they were bolt on and go onto his good intake/engine. The car is currently running and in dyno testing with very good results/feedback.

Sparky's Carbs always goes the extra mile while rebuilding your carburetor. Whether it's an exotic Tri-Carb/Dual Quad set up, from Mono-Jet to Quadrajet, we simply do everything possible to make your carb the best carb it can be. I treat EVERY carb as if it's going on MY car, and I'm pretty hard to please! THIS is what sets us apart from the mega-commerical rebuilders or the Carb Doctor/MD/King/Man types, or whatever else they call themselves these days. (;


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